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Clarksville Networking Group President - Tim Shank

Tim Shank - President Clarksville Networking GroupI was new to the area, having transferred to Clarksville from Cincinnati to head up a business venture for a respected company.  The business changed directions and, one year later, my position was eliminated. 

Little did I know that was the best thing that could have happened - I even remember thinking ‘Perhaps it was time to stop placing my trust in large companies and go into business for myself’.

Unnerving?  You bet. 

Today, just a few years later, I own a successful business.  I’m very active in the community –  seated on a few boards, have founded another business with a fellow CNG member helping veteran businesses grow, and I enjoy a close circle of friends whom I look upon as family.

And I couldn’t have accomplished this without CNG.

I joined CNG a few months after making that fateful decision to become a small business owner – a real entrepreneur.  Through CNG I discovered a culture that fostered not only my desire to find business opportunities – it connected me with other business owners who would become not only peers but also trusted friends.  This isn’t just a networking group – it’s a relationship incubator.

Of the dozens of businesses that make up the membership, many will share a consistent opinion of the value of CNG – cultivating business success, friendships established, and fostering supportive and rich relationships that bind us each to one another.

Founded in 2003, CNG has matured like a fine wine to what it is today - one of the best resources you can connect with for business success in Middle Tennessee.

Now, as President of CNG, I have the privilege to invite you to experience networking at its finest and uncover much more than business opportunities.  Here you are encouraged to establish relationships, build friendships, and grow a profitable and productive business here in our community.

I welcome you to the Clarksville Networking Group.  Attend a meeting as my guest, and reach out to a member.  If you like, give me a call – and experience the difference between net-working and net-winning.

Warmest regards,


Tim Shank

President, Clarksville Networking Group


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