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Brand My Swag

Lisa Ruiz

Lisa Ruiz



Appreciation Marketing...the only form of advertising folks will Thank you for! 

Member: Lisa Ruiz 

Company Mission Statement:

Mission Statement. Our goal is to provide robust, compelling promotional solutions that create new and strengthen existing relationships between brands and their target audiences. ... To constantly develop and provide innovative ways to help our customers build brand loyalty with their customers.


What Are Promotional Products?

Promotional items include anything that has a company's branding on it. This could be something as simple as a pen or a logo on a t shirt, or as luxurious as a branded designer vase.

Promotional items are used as freebies at events, corporate gifts, and also for internal branding such as staff stationery. The term even covers branded canopies, event stands, and uniforms.

Over 400,000 Items from Dog Collars to Blimps that Host your Team, Business...ie LOGO!7 Hot Reasons Why Promotional Products Are Vital Marketing Tools .

From repeat advertising to increased brand awareness, here are seven reasons why you need to use promotional items in your marketing strategy. 1. Low-Cost Repeat Brand Marketing 2. Corporate Gifts Build Relationships 3. Build Brand Loyalty with Free Items 4. Create a Physical Connection with Your Business 5. A Business Card That's Useful 6. Strong Social Brand Identity 7. Develop a Reputation for Quality.

Contact Information:

Brand My Swag.com

1860 Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Suite 100
Clarksville, TN 37040

Website: www.BrandMySwag.com

Phone:  931-801-8806


Brand My Swag


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