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Clarksville Networking Group Leadership Group

The Clarksville Networking Group has an established organization structure. Leadership is elected bi-annually in January.

2020 Elected Leadership

  • President: Ryan Millard
  • Vice President: Danielle Stack
  • Treasurer: Cindy Cleaver
  • Secretary: Lisa Ruiz

Membership Committee

  • Paul Rhodes - Chair
  • Jeff Allen - Member
  • Sheena Dixon - Member

Public Relations / Internet / Social Media

  • Don Wood (Website Administrator)

Education Coordinator

  • Roger Lewis

Spotlight Speaker

  • Larry Krieg

Executive Board

  • Roger Lewis (Past President)
  • Betsy Sharp (Past President)
  • Alecia Sparks (Past President)

At the heart of what Clarksville Networking Group does is referrals.  Have a referral?  Click here!