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Spartan Tree Solutions

Justin Devasthali

Justin Devasthali

Spartan Tree Solutions

Setting a new standard of excellence in the Arboriculture industry.  

Member: Justin Devasthali

Mission Statement:  Our purpose is to glorify God in what we do, show up with an unparalleled work ethic and professionalism, and to provide a new standard of tree care across our state.


Spartan Tree SolutionsWe specialize in technical tree removals in tight spaces, precision pruning/shaping for a more appealing look and value of your home. We offer services to mitigate any risk a tree may have of damaging structures during a storm.

Contact Information:

Spartan Tree Solutions 

Oak Grove, KY 42262


Phone:  330-777-9162

Website: www.spartan-tree-solutions.com

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Technical Tree Removal

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