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Montgomery County Veterans Coalition

Sherry Pickering - Montgomery County Veterans Coalition
Sherry Pickering
Montgomery County Veterans Coalition

Montgomery County Veterans Coalition

Cohesive in Cause - Diverse in Mission

Member: Sherry Pickering

Mission Statement:

The Montgomery County Veterans Coalition brings together the community to share information, knowledge, support and resources to become a unified voice in advocating for veterans in our community by identifying issues and creating solutions, without the duplication of services.


The Coalition has over 200 members that represent over 100 different organizations. Our primary goal is to assist our members in better serving their veteran clients through the sharing of resources, information, and providing networking opportunities. There is never a fee to join the Coalition. However, by joining, one agrees to make themselves available to another member with a veteran in need and to contribute to the Coalition whenever able. We meet once a month and emails are sent in between meetings to update on job fairs, member events, new benefits, veteran needs, give aways or any number of items. Our meetings are two hours long including a presentation from one of our members on the services they provide or a class on a veteran topic, a discussion time over a local veteran issue and how we may provide a solution, by using resources already available in the community and networking during the final 30 min. Throughout the month, the Coalition members provide the leader with all relevant veteran and community information by email, which the leader then sends back out to the entire Coalition. The Executive Director serves as a resourcing point to call when members need assistance for their veterans. We have community projects in homelessness, veterans business, community education, coalition building, and legislation. We serve on various boards and committees throughout the community. We host networking events as well as field trips and community education events. Our meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9am in Veterans Plaza at 350 Pageant Ln in the Civic Hall. If you would like to join the Coalition, please go to our website and read about us. If after reading, you feel the Coalition is a good fit for you, go to the membership portion of our website and fill out the application at . Please follow our Facebook page at 

Contact Information:

Montgomery County Veterans Coalition
PO Box 491
Clarksville, TN 37041



Phone:  (931)801-0700 


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