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Lisa Ruiz

Lisa Ruiz

Jennifer DeHaro

We sell the only form of advertising, S.W.A.G. that clients will THANK YOU for!

Member: Lisa Ruiz 

Company Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create a safe and easy to navigate internet shopping place for our customers to acquire S.W.A.G. Whether they are military or an organization with many offices, no matter where in the world they feel confident that we are a business that cares and that we are here to help. We are striving for an International Reach with a home town feel. 


We at Brand My Swag want our customer to feel proud of the purchases they make for their business, group, team, or school. When they are on the go, at a company picnic, organization day, the ball park, they are pour of the way they see their branded products. A few items we specialize in are Screen printed or Embroidered Apparel. we can even do BLING! Brochures, Banners NCR forms, Letterhead Stationary, Flyers, Hats, Pens Tote Bags...from Dog Collars to Blimps we have you covered. We know how to make your brand on the products you have selected make a splash that create feelings of commitment and appreciation. Most importantly we want our customers to have that peaceful feeling that you have bought your S.W.A.G from good friends. When you buy from us, we work hard behind the scenes so you won't have to, because we believe you are not just buying Souvenirs, Wearable's and Gifts (S.W.A.G), you are branding your lifestyle. It is important to us because we know it is important to you. 

Contact Information:

Brand My

2279 Raleigh Court Suite D
Clarksville, TN 37043


Phone:  931-503-1470



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