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Kring's Kitchen

Candace Kring - Kring's Kitchen

Candace Kring - Kring's Kitchen

Kring's Kitchen

Let me cook for you!

Member: Candace Kring

Company Mission Statement:

Kring’s Kitchen is a company that helps remove stress while providing healthy meals for individuals and families alike. Come home to a fridge full of food without having to grocery shop. Let me cook for you! 


Imagine not having to meal plan or do grocery shopping? What if you came home to meals made, labeled and in the fridge. Then looked around and all of your kitchen was cleaned? You could save 10-12 hours a week and lose the hassle of dinner with Kring’s Kitchen as your Personal Chef. Let me cook for you!

Contact Information:

Kring's Kitchen

Clarksville, TN 37042


Phone: 931.561.1033

Candace Kring


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