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JoAnne Ross

Healthier Lives - Juice Plus

Member: JoAnne Ross

Company Mission Statement:

I inspire Healthy Living around the World with the help of Juice Plus products.


I inspire Healthy Living around the World with the help of Juice Plus products.
Juice Plus products offer micronutrients from 27 different whole fruits, vegetables, grapes, and berries on a daily basis in a convenient capsule form or with our yummy chewables. You can also complement your diet with all of the great macro-nutrients in our line of Complete 100% plant-based delicious shakes and bars. Please watch the video below for a quick explanation of what our products can do for you. Do your body and mind a favor and give it the nutrients it needs every day in a convenient and affordable fashion and start feeling better. Please click on the link below and order through my website at
Here is a quick video to explain the health benefits of our great products:

We also offer the patented Towergarden. This is an aeroponic gardening system that allows you to grow 20 or more different vegetables, herbs, or flowers in a very limited space. And did I mention there is no soil prep or weeding involved? Just fill the Towergarden with water and our proprietary all natural nutrient solution and watch your plants grow. All you have to do is harvest them! Watch videos and then click and order at

Your partner in Health,
JoAnne Ross

Contact Information:

Healthier Lives


Phone: 209-406-5410


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