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Elaine Murray - Sales Director

Mary Kay

Member: Elaine Murray

How old you are is your business.  How old you look should be mine.

Mary Kay has been around since 1963 when our founder (a real person) Mary Kay Ash began it.  It is all about excellent skin care and fabulous color cosmetics.  We also carry products for the men and teens in your life.

My name is Elaine Murray and I am a Sales  Director with Mary Kay.  I have been servicing my customers for 18+ years.  I love making women feel good about themselves, and making them smile.  I treat all of my customers with much respect and professionalism.  My client base continues to grow by all of the wonderful referrals my current clients send me.  A large part of my referrals is my connection to the Clarksville Networking Group.  I have been a part of the group for 9+ years and it has definitely helped my business grow.

If you are looking for excellent skin care products, glamour, body products, etc., give me a call.

Contact Information:

Mary Kay Sales Director


Phone: 931-362-3125